Office cleaning: Why it is so important to have a clean office!

The cleaning of the work place is very important. Think about it. The average person spends 40 hours at work. Most people sit at a desk to eat, work, and sometimes have brief meetings with their staff or clients.  The constant paperwork that comes to and from our desk along with the dust, combined with the germs can be disgusting when you think of it.  Especially the big offices that have so many variables that mainly consist of other employees with their clutter and germs.  The office is essentially our home away from home.  We may spend more active hours at our the work place than home.  One element is that you probably are not responsible for cleaning up at work.  The thought process is I am here to work, make money, and someone else is hired to clean.  If this is your thinking you are correct.  But YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT HOW THE OFFICE IS CLEANED. Your clients need to see a clean office.  Image is important.  Also, having a clean and a healthy ( physically and mentally) work area is very important.


Does this remind you of something?  Have you seen this before.? Your first thought is,–NOOO,  I have to use this bathroom!!  Then you think of how could the restroom at work could get like this.  Seems like people don’t care.  Well, this may not be just a case of clients or employees not caring.  It could be that the traffic for the rest room is just extremely high.  Whatever the case, this is disgusting.  It is hard to use a restroom like this.  We haven’t mentioned the awful odor that can come or how urine can be on the floor.  How about the ladies feminine hygiene disposal bin for females pads?  It was mentioned earlier that most people spend a lot of time in the office.  Sometimes we have no choice but to use the restroom and as soon as we get in there, it takes minutes to clean it to where we can use it.  How many of your clients, employees, coworkers complain about this?  This is not a good look for the workplace.


We all use the break/ lunch room at work for one thing or another.  From the vending machine to get munchies, getting coffee, using the microwave, storing food in the refrigerator, or just to get away from our work for a minute.  The traffic in the break room can be very high.  How many people use the fridge or Microwave?  How much trash will build up?  Is there a recycle bin that stores cans?  Are the eating tables cleaned before you sit and eat.  The place where we relax, eat, have conversation, will be a place that could have the most germs.  Most problems are old food stored but not thrown away, dirty dishes, and hidden insects.  Sometimes what we do not see, could be worst than the appearance of a filthy lunch room.



Totally disgusting.  The dust that builds up on your desk can get out of hand.  Most of us are so consumed with work, we do not even pay it any attention.  This build up can happen on and around the desk.  Particular under the desk. Dust in offices contains small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, human skin cells, burnt meteorite particles, and other material found in the environment.  YUK!!!  Finger prints, grease, dirty phones will all be classified in this area.  Its is not a lot of workers that will dust or wipe down their desk.  Lets not forget the cobwebs.  A spiderweb is usually covered with dust would describe them.  They are probably all around you but you haven’t noticed because you haven’t actually looked for them.  These are some of the issues of having a dirty office.

Fixing the problem

Having your office/ workplace cleaned is essential for health and business.  A clean office is a good reflection of your business.  It could even be a reflection of yourself as an employee.  The time to maintain the cleaning of your office can be a huge task.  Hire a cleaning company that can meet your needs.  Being cheap and saving money is not the way to go.  You get what you pay for.  For example, having a small office but having 30 employees sharing the office will probably need more than one cleaning a week.  For suggestions on cleaning, advice on hiring, feel free to contact us for more info.  MC Janitorial Services has been in business for over 15 years.  Our trained experts have the knowledge to assist you in proper cleaning, as well as how to hire, who to hire, and pricing.  Call us know at 1-800-791-0029 or fill out the contact form below.






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