How to choose a cleaning company?

It is very important to have a clean and safe environment in the work place.  It is one of the key components to being successful in business. Most businesses will hire an outside company to clean their building instead of hiring a janitor or having the staff or management do it.  A cleaning company will usually works after hours, which allows them to thoroughly clean without disturbing the workers.  This allows the cleaner to work freely without being in anyones way.  There are several cleaning companies around, so picking a good one is the key.

One question many owners have is should they hire franchise over a smaller company.  We recommend focusing on the individual that will clean the building.  Franchise companies can be affordable, because they have the resources to outbid smaller companies.  But they bring in small business owners who are usually working and frustrated over the contract if it is underbid.  We recommend hiring someone you can have a relationship with.  NO  YOUR CLEANER.  Most cases, the smaller companies are more driven to do the work well if the price is affordable.

Check to see sure if the cleaner has proof of insurance.  Smaller companies may try to skip this step.  Ask for the proof.  Your company is everything.  Make sure that your company and the cleaner is safe from incident.  This is very important.  Everyone means well, but a crazy accident can happen to any off us and everyone must be protected.  This is your business and it means everything to you.


Make sure you get what you sign for.  Ask for the contract.  Make sure that you have everything in the contract that you are asking for.  Make sure that the cleaning company does not try to rush you into signing, and having you commit to a contract that does not have all that you demand in it.  Make sure you get a FREE ESTIMATE.  Give the cleaner a walk through of the business.  Make sure you let the  cleaner know your concerns, important areas to focus on, and ask question.  Make sure the cleaner can give you answers to your questions to show he or she is able to get the job done.

Always look at the experience of the company.  If the company has been around for a while it shows consistency.  Ask for their experience.  It is ok to hire a cleaner without experience.  But make sure you have a good feel for the cleaner and his work ethic.

MC Janitorial Services has been around for over 13 years.  We have been part of a franchise, and have had buildings on our own.  We have experience in commercial and residential.  If you are in the Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern VA area give us a call for a free estimate.  Very affordable with deals.  Click here for a sample deal.  For your office or home, CLEANING IS OUR LIVELIHOOD.  We are well-trained, professional, and insured.  We also provide GREEN CLEANING for customers that want environmental friendly cleaning products used.  Call now for an estimate for your home or office at 800-291-0079 or fill out the form below.

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