Bathroom Cleaning tips

Whether its your home or office building, a clean restroom is very important.  A lot of people do not realize how dirty their restrooms are because they are use to having them half way cleaned.


Tools needed

  • Grout brush
  • Toilet Brush
  • Disinfectant and CleanerMulti-Surface Cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Lint-Free Rags
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Squeegee


People often wonder what cleaning supplies they should use for cleaning restrooms.  Green vs Regular cleaning products?  Green products are higher in cost than regular cleaning products.  It also may take a little more work to clean with green products because they use safer more natural ingredients.  Standard cleaning supplies are not needed but they do make the job faster with less work. If you want advice on Green Cleaning or more supply questions you CLICK the following link: GREEN CLEANING INFO

Rule #1:Always clean top to bottom.
Rule #2: Clean from dry to wet.         
Rule #3: Work towards the exit door. 

Cleaning walls can be tough.  For showers we always recommend pre spraying the walls and turning on hot water to add moisture to the walls while the pre spraying solution is working.  To truly deep-clean the tub and shower, there’s no substitute for a grout brush/scrub brush. For maximum effectiveness, first apply cleaner and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. The method for houses is not needed but looses up scum.  Afterwards we use a scrub brush and or a grout brush for the walls and showers. Then scrub well with the brush. a squeegee to remove the moisture from the walls, shower doors or tub will definitely help remove moisture, mildew, scum.  This method used right after scrubbing will make it easier to get rid of scum than removing later.


Cleaning the glass or mirrors can always be overlooked but it is a crucial part of having a beautiful restroom.  The last thing people do when leaving a bathroom is look at them selves.  Use a good glass cleaner with a squeegee or micro fiber cloths.Be sure to wash your lint-free rag without fabric softener.


For the toilets, you MUST BE DETAILED.  Sometimes people make the mistakes on focusing just on the seat and the inside of the bowl.  But urine, dust, dirt, and trash can build found on the bottom of the toilet around the base and especially behind the toilet.  If this is over looked it can be a bad problem.  It will also cause your rest room to smell.  Never overlook the other parts of the toilet.  It sounds gross, but its necessary.  Always use good gloves.  We recommend using disposable gloves.


Another overlooked area are the base boards.  If you are just cleaning, we always recommend looking at the restroom as if you were the user.  If you do that sometimes you will notice areas overlooked.  A baseboard can pick up dirt, dust, hair, and all kinds of insects and cob webs.  Wiping down the baseboard and dusting from top to bottom is very important.  This helps get bugs away as well.

Vents can be a problem as well.  Especially ceiling vents.  This is why we always recommend cleaning top to bottom.  These vents, air ducts, etc, collect dust and can look filthy.  They also can be so bad that dust can fall down on people.  We recommend vacuuming the vents, but do what you have to maintain them.  Most cleaning companies use backpack vacuums with powerful suction to maintain them.

For a home or office it may seem like a tough task.  Offices have employees and more importantly clients and business associates.  A clean building and home represents the individual that lives in it.  Cleaning a rest room takes time, effort, and energy.  It definitely is a tough task to handle.  If you need help we always suggest hiring a cleaning company.  Cleaning companies can save you time, and time equals money in the long room.  There is nothing wrong with getting help with cleaning your home or office.  But getting the right company at the right price can be another problem.  For advice on how to hire a cleaning company click the following link: HOW TO SELECT A CLEANING COMPANY FOR MY HOME OR BUSINESS!

A clean rest room can take your home and office to another level.  MC Janitorial services has provided residential and commercial cleaning in the Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia area for over 13 years.  If you are in this area and need a FREE ESTIMATE OR CLEANING TIPS enter your information in the fields below or call



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